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  Tao Oracle


taoI’Ching Book & Deck of Cards

Price: $24.57


Tao Oracle: An Illuminated New Approach to the I Ching. A stunning artistic rendering of the ancient I-Ching

The Tao Oracle is a "visual I-Ching." It features no coins, no sticks, but cards featuring paintings, symbols, colors and key words, along with a clear, simple book to help you interpret the results. The Tao Oracle speaks to the individual through a language of archetypes and symbolism that can expose a deeper truth of the dynamics of change as it impacts our daily lives.

In the Tao Oracle, artist Ma Deva Padma brings together her "paintings, words and a timeless wisdom" to shed light on the beauty and mystery of the Tao. This deck is based on the I Ching or Book of Changes. Each card represents one of the 64 hexagrams shown in traditional line format in the lower right. A modern symbolic "hexagram" using pictograms is shown in the lower left and a colored two-part yin-yang symbol in the upper middle. The cards also show a number, name and series of short associated meanings. But it's the central image that conveys the essential spirit of each card through the magic of this artist's vision. In the companion book Tao Oracle: An Illuminated New Approach to the I Ching, she expands on the meaning of each card with interpretations for the six possible changing lines in each hexagram.

"I highly recommend this set. It will help the Human Design student ground the meaning of the Hexagram and it's fun. This is a very special gift for yourself or your friends and clients". Lynda Stone


Sample Cards...

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