Human Design 2006 Course Schedule


Living Your Design Awakening Course

March 24, 31 and April 7, 14 – 10:00 – 12:00 pm Pacific.
People who take this course as a companion to their reading are the ones who seem to get the most benefit out of Human Design. This course is designed as the chart reading companion and will deepen your understanding of your personal Design and the Design of family and friends. This information in this class will lead you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge and give you the foundation you need so that you can begin the experiment of Living Your Design.
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Rave ABC Course
March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25  - 10:30 to 12:00 pm Pacific.
This course is a prerequisite to the Rave Cartography I course beginning in May. In the ABC course you will gain a deep understanding of the Conscious and Unconscious aspects of your Design and the Design of others. You will also learn about the magic of the Channels in Design. Channels are what give us life force and they represent who we and why we are here. You will also learn about the structure of the Hexagram which will provide profound insights into looking even deeper into a Design chart.
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Both the Rave ABC and Cartography are prerequisites for the Certified Living Your Design Guide program beginning in September (details below).

Rave Cartography I
Begins May 24th and each Wednesday for 11 weeks – 11:00 to 12:30 pm Pacific.
After completion of Rave ABC, Rave Cartography I is the next step in the Human Design education track for both general and professional education. This is the course where we go into great depth into Profiles, Centers, Definition, Authority and Chart Synthesis. Once this course is complete then you can enter into the Analyst Professional Level I program and go on to become a licensed analyst or you can enter into the Certified Living Your Design Guide program where you will be certified to provide the Living Your Design Guide Awakening workshop to newcomers to Human Design. This is a new and very exciting program.
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Special promotional price for Rave Cartography I:
Normally this course is offered at $980.00. I am offering a special price of $660.00 for this course if I receive your $200.00 non-refundable deposit by February 28th. Click here to reserve with the discounted price. The balance is due by May 1, 2006.

May and September
Certified Living Your Design Guide

This is a New and very exciting program:
For those of you who are interested in Guiding and Coaching the newcomer into entering into the experiment of Living Your Design you may want to consider taking the Certified Living Your Design Guide Program where you will be licensed to give the Living Your Design Awakening Course to newcomers to Human Design.

Once you become a LYD Guide you become a Jovian Archive International Human Design School Partner and will be promoted to the now hundreds and the eventual thousands of daily visitors to a newcomer Portal. You will also benefit in many other ways:

  • Marketing both in the portal with your name tagged to regional advertising
  • An official IHDS email address, message center and blog
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Two f*ree workshops with Ra Uru Hu annually
  • A 30% discount on all manuals and texts from Jovian Digital Books
  • F*ree software upgrade

Beginning in September 06, Jovian will begin promoting the newcomers portal at www.jovianarchive.com and feature International Human Design School recognized Analysts and Guides. It is here that the newcomer will be encouraged to have their chart read and to take the LYD program with one of the IHDS Guides. It’s a very exciting time for Human Design.

The LYD Guide training track is:
Step 1) Rave ABC course
Step 2) Rave Cartography I course.
Step 3) Certified Living Your Design Guide program

Details with audio on the LYD Guide Certificate Program in May and September... Click Here!

If you are interested in registering for all three of these courses you will qualify for a package discount, payment plan, plus additional training material. Please contact me directly for discount and further course information.

Special pricing packages are available when you register for multiple classes. Please inquire.

Coming in September!
Human Design Professional Analyst Level I Training
12 Month Program
The Goal of Professional Training Level I is to develop professional level analyst skills in qualified students. In Parts One and Two of this year long course prospective analysts learn the detail level of design--gate and line—and, through monthly, digitally recorded oral homework projects, integrate the depth level into their surface level analysis skills. In Section Three students learn to Keynote. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorization, and develop chart-reading skills.
Prerequisite: Rave ABC’s, Rave Cartography and the recommendation of the Rave Cartography teacher.
Course Duration:
A one-year process – exact dates and time to be released later this year.
Class Sessions per Section: The first three months will be specifically focused on gates and the next six on lines, including one on the technique and analysis of fixation. The remaining three months are devoted to keynoting.

Feel free to contact me directly for a discussion about your Human Design education options: Lynda Stone at lynda@humandesignconsulting.com or 619-291-8600.

Monthly – on-going
Human Design Monthly Study Group
This fun and lively teleclass study group meets once a month and is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Human Design and your own Design. Study Groups are so rewarding because we can truly go into real depth and the topics are endless.
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TEACHER: Lynda Stone
Lynda is the founder of Human Design Consulting, as well as co-founder of Great Life Technologies, Inc. She is a Human Design Analyst, Teacher and Faculty Member of the Human Design Biversity and faculty member of the International Human Design School as Director of the Certified Living Your Design Guide Program. Since 1998 Lynda has been a dedicated student of Human Design. Her own 4.1 Profile has taken her to the depths of this knowledge. Lynda has become known for the amazing insights and depth she brings to her readings and teachings. She receives “rave” reviews about the clarity, simplicity and relevance of her teachings and explanations of Human Design concepts. Before Human Design, Lynda spent 23 years in the high tech field as a corporate executive.

Human Design Consulting
2445 Fifth Avenue Suite 332
San Diego, CA 92101
fax: 619-557-8446



Lynda, I am thrilled by how much value I’ve gotten from your Human Design classes.  I had done some self study with the excellent Human Design publications that exist but the highly interactive and rich discussions that are a hallmark of your teaching style, is what pulled it all together for me. I want classes to shorten my learning curve and your highly organized and concise communication skills do just that.  You really capture the essence of what is needed for a solid foundation.  I also appreciate your willingness to share the many reference tools you’ve crafted during the seven years you’ve been studying Human Design. As long as you keep teaching, I will be an eager student. 
Regards, Carol Zimmerman, Multiple Hats Mastery life coach and Human Design Student Analyst. 


Lynda has a deep and meaningful understanding of the corner stone material of HD. She can embody an uncanny openess to her students inquiries where she references the most relative  content in HD for that question; a sizeable feat considering the complexity and  multiple dimensions of the HD material. She adds depth and texture to the learning proccess with HD. She is also very heedful of participants personal encounter, with class content, bringing their everyday experiences into the fold.
had to pass it on... thanks Lynda... Margaret


Education and transformation has always been an enjoyable part of my life, so I’ve had the opportunity to observe many teachers. Lynda Stone lives what she teaches. One of the first things that stood out for me about Lynda was how giving she is. She shares what she has accumulated over the years from a strong foundation to support and self-empower her students. She has a wealth of resources to draw from and she always seems to give just the right nugget at just the right moment. What I appreciate as well about Lynda is that she is honest, objective, transparent and she models living her design. I have taken many classes from Lynda, and I highly recommend her as a teacher of any Human Design class. She is living her destiny and purpose. By taking her classes, you will discover your destiny and grow deeper at living your life as yourself.
Susan Wight


I have really enjoyed this class - wow!  You are a wonderful teacher and group facilitator. You made this experience a joy - thank you.
Best to you,


Dear Lynda, I would recommend this class whole heartily to anyone who is struggling with living their life effortlessly. I have found that once I learned and recognized my true Human Design everything made perfect sense. The very thing I fought consciously and unconsciously in various areas of my life turned in to Aikido. This is to use the natural power as taught in this martial art to go with the energy and not fight it. I know you have opened up the world to me and all those that I influence to getting on track with what we were born to be and do. With love and a Big bear hug,
Pete Schneider


This has been such an ENJOYABLE class and I am sad it's ending next week. And you are a WONDERFUL teacher!!! Really made me feel at ease in class and was willing to participate, even though I knew I didn't know so much. I was also very motivated to study the material and it was so easy to pay attention in class.


I've had the honor of having Lynda as my analyst and teacher since I first encountered Human Design. I had my foundational reading with Lynda in September 2003. I took the seminar "LIVING YOUR DESIGN" twice with Lynda. First in November 2003, and then in early 2004. For some reason I always train under very qualified people (I call them "MASTERS") and Lynda is certainly a Master at this body of knowledge. The depth of her knowledge and the respect with which she treats both The Human Design System and her clients and students is a source of inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I'm studying with her. Thank You Lynda!
Antonio Soto


I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed and am fascinated by Human Design! I am looking forward to the next series of classes. It's just so interesting; I have listened to the tape of your reading about three times now, and each time, more and more knowing is unfolding. It's really cool! Also, it's interesting: I recently took a career assessment - MAPP. It was UNCANNY how close it was to my actual design. What's really cool, though, is that I can differentiate between what on the MAPP is my actual design and what is my conditioning that perhaps I could benefit from letting go of. Super, super cool!!! It's fun living into this, and I am enjoying the experience of it all. Thank you again so much for sharing yourself and your wisdom in such a wonderful way!!!!!!
Brenda Jensen


It feels like Human Design is pulling me into a spiraling vortex of deepening knowledge and experience -- it is incredibly exciting!
Many thanks,

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