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  Living Your Design Pre-Recorded Teleclass!

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Living Your Design Pre-Recorded Teleclass Series...

Pre-Recorded Teleclass Series Via the Web

There is a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of our personal genetic code. Human Design utilizes this link to give you profound insights about your you and your life experience. The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct for us without depending upon anyone else. It’s all about self-empowerment.

This nine hour teleclass series was recorded live and began in January, 2005 lead by Lynda and Tom Stone. Before you begin, first download the free software so you can personally run Human Design charts of your family and friends. Then listen to the nine hours of MP3 downloadable audio while following along with the downloadable course outline and example charts via the web.


Living Your Design Pre-Recorded Teleclasses...$179.00. Click here to purchase


*Prerequisite: Human Design Reading




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