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  Human Design System


Human Design Consulting uses The Human Design System as its foundational tool to bring you back into alignment with your True Self and Purpose. This system takes us way beyond any other system currently available. It is unique and different than anything else you have ever experienced.

There is a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of our personal genetic code. Human Design utilizes this link to give you profound insights into the qualities influencing your life experience. Human Design provides a way for us to know if we are living our own lives or a conditioned life. It shows us what the intention and purpose is for the present life. The result is like being given a personalized instruction manual specifically tailored for you.

The goal of every aspect of the Human Design System is that you be empowered to live your life on your terms according to your own true nature without depending on any other to know what is correct for you. It's all about Self-Empowerment. 


Type and Strategy

Type tells us whether we are a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector. These different types have specific ways that they are designed to operate in the world. Each type has a strategy for correct operation. Once we understand the “strategy” and the “jobs” of the different types we can begin to see where we belong within the big picture. Click here to learn about the Four Types.

Strategy reveals the most optimal and effective way for the different types to act or operate in the world with the least amount of resistance. We have all experienced resistance. It comes in many forms. It can be rejection, feeling disapproved of, feeling as though someone does not get you or see you, feeling frustrated, feeling others frustration or anger with you, things not working out the way you wanted them to, etc. Strategy helps to eliminate these things from your life.


Authority tells us how we can make correct decisions for ourselves. In addition to our “Strategy”, this also helps us to act or operate in the world optimally. Generally speaking there are two types of Authority which are called either “Inner” or “Outer” Authority.

The majority of the population has Inner Authority. Inner Authority means that you have a place or a way within yourself of making sure that you are making correct decisions for yourself. And this can be seen and understood by looking at your Human Design chart.

The three most common Inner Authorities: Intuitive knowing from the Spleen Center; Gut level knowing from the Sacral Center and Emotional knowing from the Solar Plexus Center.

  • Intuitive knowing (Spleen) operates in the moment
  • Gut knowing (Sacral) operates through sounds
  • Emotional knowing (Solar Plexus) operates over time

Outer Authority means that you use the environment (people and places) to gain clarity about a decision. The quality of the environment is everything in terms of knowing what is right or not right for these individuals. Human Design helps you to understand how to work with the environment so that you know if you are making correct decisions for yourself.


Profile helps us to understand and accept ourselves and others on a much deeper level. It shows us the role we are here to play in this life. It shows us where we fit in to the matrix of life. There are 12 Profiles and generally speaking, there are three types of Profiles. There is the “Transpersonal Profile” which is here to work out their life with the focus being on the “other”. There is the “Personal Profile” which is here to work out their life with the focus being on “self”. And there is the “Juxtaposition Profile” which is here with a specific focus in life. The Juxtaposition Profile is not as common as the others.


When you look at a Human Design chart you will see “9 centers” that are either colored in or not. The Centers in the Human Design chart show you what is either consistent or inconsistent in your life. The centers that have color reveal the consistency and the centers without color show us where there are inconsistencies in life. The centers without color (open centers) are deeply influenced by the environment (people, places and things). These centers change depending upon who you are with or where you are. These open centers are where and how we get conditioned from the time we are in our mother’s womb, during childhood and into adulthood.

Conditioning is not always a bad thing. The places where we get our conditioning are also the places where we need the other. We all need the interaction of the other in order for us to get the full flavor of what it is to be human.

The centers that are open are very seductive because they represent the unknown and the unknown is always more interesting to us than the known. So we spend most of our lives pursuing and trying to understand or “fix” the unknown. Because of the inconsistency of the open centers it can feel like this is something in us that needs to be fixed. When I say fixed I mean it in two ways. The first is that you try and fix what is broken and the second is that you want to fix it in terms of making it stable and consistent.

But as we now know the open centers are unstable, inconsistent, unreliable, and ever changing with the environment. The open centers bring us the opportunity to experience diversity in people places or things in our own unique way depending upon which centers in our designs are open. It is our interpretation of the experience of the diversity which can cause us discomfort.

The misunderstood desire to want something in our life to be fixed which cannot be fixed can cause pain and discomfort and lead us to think something is wrong with us. Accepting that this part of your life (the specific open center) is always and ever changing brings acceptance and self love. We get our lessons in life through the open centers. The more we face our discomfort and fears and understand these centers the wiser we become until eventually they don’t pull us out of our true nature anymore.

Incarnation Cross

The Incarnation Cross that we are born with shows us our purpose in life. If we follow our strategy and authority we get to embody and live the expression of our Incarnation Cross. If we continually override our strategy and authority by being pulled out of alignment of our true nature then we don’t get to live out a life true to our Incarnation Cross. To be fully self expressed means to live our life as our Incarnation Cross. Human Design shows us through understanding the type, strategy, authority and centers how we get pulled out of our true nature and how we can return.

To live your true nature is a “de-conditioning” process and this can take 7 years. Human Design Consulting provides the information to assist you through this process. You can expect your life to change dramatically once you enter into this process.

Circuits, Channels, Gates and Lines

The circuits, channels, gates and lines give us very specific information about our characteristics and behaviors. This level of knowledge helps with an even deeper acceptance of who we are and also provides us with more specific information about some of our fears, issues and perceived problems.

This is what people are saying after their reading:

“I can now be the person I always felt I was”. “I can just relax and allow my life to unfold’. “I now see my unique design and how pointless it is to compare myself to others”. “I am now peaceful and accepting of myself”




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