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  Human Design Consulting


Human Design Consulting shows you how to “Live Right for Your Design”. You come into the world with unique talents, gifts and a purpose. You have a blue print, a Design that is perfect for you. Your Design reflects your contribution to the whole and you’re Life Purpose, and your Design comes with an operating manual. Human Design Consulting shows you your unique operating manual for life.

Conditioning - As you grow up you lose touch with your gifts and talents due to the influence of conditioning. The conditioning causes you to compare yourself to others and compare your life with society’s expectations and in this process you get disconnected from your true self. You are then left with mental dialog that is filled with stories about how your life ‘should’ be. These ‘should's’ cause you to measure and compare yourself with others and this leads to frustration and pain…. frustration that your life should be different.

Decisions - The conditioning you are exposed to causes you to make decisions that are not correct for you. Human Design Consulting will reveal to you your own unique decision-making strategy based on your genetic imprint. Think about it for a moment…the quality of your life correlates directly to the decisions you make – We don’t give much thought to this, but decisions are the most important thing we do in our daily lives.

Road Map - Human Design Consulting gives you the road map for knowing when you are living your life based on conditioning or from your true self. When you are living your life based on conditioning then your decisions will be out of alignment with your Design taking you further and further away from your True Self and your Purpose.

Life Purpose - Through a process of showing you your unique strategy for life and getting you back in alignment with Living Right for Your Design, the intention and purpose for your life can finally be revealed. The result is like being given a personalized instruction manual specifically tailored for you.

Are you living the Design that is correct for you? If your life feels perfect, effortless and fluid then you are 'Living Right for Your Design'. If you are not happy with your life, if you are feeling like you are not in the flow and life is a struggle and/or you wish your life was different, perhaps you have found just what you need at this web site.

There is a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of our personal genetic code. Human Design Consulting utilizes this link to give you profound insights into the qualities influencing your life experience.

Would you like to know how you can become your own authority and always make the right decisions so that your life purpose can blossom? Would you like to be with the right partner; in the best career, living in the right place? Human Design Consulting will show you the way to reconnect with your True Self.

Too much Information - In this “information age” and ever changing world, we get so bombarded with data – how can we possibly make decisions based only on intellectual data? Find out how you can by-pass the confusion of the mind and align with your inner knowing so that your own guidance system works correctly for you every time.

Self Empowerment - The goal of every aspect of the Human Design System is that you be empowered to live your life on your terms according to your own true nature without depending on any other to know what is correct for you. It’s called “Self-Sufficiency and Self-Empowerment” .Human Design Consulting will provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you can re-claim yourself.

With these tools you will learn:

  • How you can make decisions that are correct for you every time.
  • How you can get connected directly to your authentic self.
  • How you can eliminate resistance, frustration, anger and fear in your life.
  • How and why you have been avoiding your true being, and consequently wasting the awesome power available to you when you are being truly authentic to yourself and the world around you.
  • As you begin to live this new way of being and through making decisions that are correct for you, you will begin to align with your true nature.
  • Your life purpose will begin to unfold and your discomfort you've been unable to eliminate in other ways will disappear.
  • You will find that secure place within yourself and begin to operate confidently in every moment.

Thousands of people have changed their lives at the profoundest level using this tool.

This is what people are saying:


  • This tool is so profound that I feel it is the wisest investment I have ever made.
  • Words cannot describe how this tool has hugely impacted my life in a positive way.
  • It's fun living into this, and I am enjoying the experience of it all.
  • I would recommend this whole heartily to anyone who is struggling with living their life effortlessly.
  • I have found that once I learned and recognized my true Human Design everything made perfect sense.
  • The very thing I fought consciously and unconsciously in various areas of my life turned into Aikido.
  • I have learned and applied from so many modality areas, but by observing the outcome, it is almost like Human Design has "saved" me.

On-going classes and workshops are also available should you want to learn this tool to use with your own clients. See courses for more information.



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