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  Get a Human Design Reading


Check out our community of Analysts ... they offer exceptional readings --- GUARANTEED!

Human Design Consulting is a place people can count on for exceptional Human Design Readings!


-- we GUARANTEE it --


The Human Design Consulting Analysts are known for providing exceptional readings. We feel so confident that you will be satisfied with your reading that it comes with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will re-do your reading at no additional charge with one of our other Analysts. Giving a 'Quality' reading is what we are all about. Eliminate the confusion around how to pick an Analyst for your reading - let us provide this service to you. Your Human Design reading could be the most important thing you do in your life. These readings are life-transforming and you deserve a great reading.

Our Analysts and Student Analysts are involved in on-going study groups and continuing education so they are continually deepening and perfecting their reading skills so that they can deliver exceptional and professional readings. Quality control is an important issue and HDC puts their Analysts through a process so that only the best Analysts are here and at your service. Click here to check out our Analysts.

How do I schedule a reading with an HDC Analyst?

Call our office to schedule your reading - 619-557-2700 and ask for Kirsten - she will take all your information and work with you to find a time best suited. All our readings are digitally recorded and archived. You will receive a copy of your reading on a CD. If, for any reason your CD is damaged or lost just call our office and we will replace it for a small handling fee. Believe it or not, people lose their recordings...We know the importance of these recordings and we protect your investment.

What happens after a reading?

Once you have your reading then you can continue your Human Design study and education through our classes to really ground the information and get the support you may need as you begin to let go of old conditioning and live your true life and your purpose. The first step is to take the Living Your Design course. Click here for details.

After this course, many people decide that they want even more information and may even decide they want to become an Analyst. We also provide Professional Analyst education if you decide this is what is right for you. Click here to learn more about becoming a Professional Human Design Analyst.

If you decide you want to continue your education for yourself or become an analyst, or simply join our community, here are some of the benefits of being involved with our Human Design Community:

What is HDC's Community Mission?

  • To share Human Design with as many people as possible.
  • To have a Community of Analysts who deliver exceptional readings.
  • To generate a lot of HD activity within the community so that Analysts can do the work they love.
  • To help people to really Live their Design.
  • For everyone to have fun learning and sharing Human Design.
  • To share, deepen and grow our knowledge of Human Design.
  • To create a place where people can come and be empowered to live their true self.
  • Periodic free teleclasses on various Human Design topics, with various Human Design Analysts and Teachers.
  • Yahoo discussion group with regular Human Design lessons.

And much more!

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