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  Gina Concotelli's Testimonials


“Having a Human Design Reading with Gina was more than simply pleasant because of her frank, accepting and playful manner; it was also meaningful because of her focus and ability to relate my personal experiences with the Human Design information. My reading offering me a fun, uplifting and food-for-growth encounters!”

-SW San Rafael, CA

“What a godsend you are in providing the reading and interpretation of my human design!  I feel a sense of peace and belonging, and a tremendous relief at not having to "prove" anything to myself and/or others.  I'm inspired to follow my own authentic path while becoming clearer on just what that is.  Thanks! You are an inspiration by example!” 

- DM, San Diego

"So many times I've asked myself 'what's up with this?' out of frustration or bewilderment. After my Human Design session with Gina, these answers and more were revealed. The roadblocks and delays I've experienced in my life invariably came down to when I was not operating in line with my design. Now I'm approaching life more relaxed, having greater clarity as to 'what's up' and most importantly when to move forward on a project or decision. Human Design is like the “owners manual for a better life”.  I highly recommend your sessions. ” 

- FG Port Townsend, WA




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