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  Human Design Consulting Courses


There are two different tracks you can take and they can overlap if you like. I've been interested in Human Design since 1998 several reasons. First, for my own personal development and "de-conditioning" process, then to become an Analyst and then to become a Teacher. It gives me great personal satisfaction to share this material.


Two tracks you can take:


*Below is a listing of all courses offered through Human Design Consulting. Click on the links above to learn more about the General Education & Professional Education tracks.

Courses Offered by Human Design Consulting


   Living Your Human Design Teleclass Course

Join Lynda on a captivating journey through the Human Design System. The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct for us without depending upon anyone else.

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Prerequisite: Human Design Reading

Course Options:

Living Your Design 'LIVE' Teleclass...Register: $279.00

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Living Your Design-Pre-Recorded Teleclass...Register:$179.00

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  Rave ABC Course

The course gives you "Credits" towards your Professional Education. This is an excellent course and the material is really wonderful. This is an on-line course with an interactive classroom using your computer and a computer headset, and a practice classroom for students. You will learn about the channels and lines and how to tie it all together for a reading. There is a bit of homework as well. The normal price for this course is $400.00 and I have discounted it to you for $299.00.

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Prerequisite: Living Your Design Course

Register: $299.00  


  Rave Cartography Level I Course

The Rave Cartography Level I Course is a required course for our Advanced study program. It is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Human Design beyond the Living Your Design Course and the ABC Course. The Rave Cartography Level I Course is also the first step in the 3.5 year certification program. Along with providing the necessary HD education, each student will be trained in presentation skills. By the end of the course students will better be able to present in an interesting and clear manner the General elements of a Rave Chart.

These elements are:

  • The Nine Centers
  • The ‘Not-Self’ and its Nine Strategies
  • Definition
  • Authority
  • Angle
  • The Twelve Profiles

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Prerequisite: Living Your Design Course and the ABC Course

Register: $880.00



  Advanced General Education Teleclasses

Living Your Design and ABC students are welcome. These classes are "General Education" classes and are not part of the "Analyst Education Track". Human Design official Analyst Education credits will not be given for these classes.

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The Planets in our Design & Return Analysis...Register: $27/both

Profile Analysis & Incarnation Cross Analysis...Register: $27/both

Stringing Keynotes...Register: $17.00


Register for all FIVE Advanced General Education Teleclasses for $70.00.

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  Human Design System Study Group

This study group meets once a month and is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Human Design. Study Groups are so rewarding because we can truly go into real depth and the topics are endless.

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Prerequisite: Human Design Reading Recommended Course: Living Your Design Course

Register: $20/month



  Yahoo Group

This is an email discussion group created by Lynda Stone, analyst and teacher of Human Design and is for the purpose of supporting people interesting in learning about Human Design. The group's purpose is to provide a forum for questions and discussions related to Human Design.

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Prerequisite: None

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