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 Professional Education - Become an Analyst


All the Analyst Certification Courses are half price for existing Analysts since we understand ongoing study is important

The Living Your Design Course is a prerequisite to the Analyst Certification Program

The modules can be taken in any order, but the sooner you start the sooner you enter the mandatory 3.5 year training process. All modules are open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of HD beyond the Living Your Design Course, regardless of whether you plan on becoming an Analyst.

What is involved in becoming an Analyst...

About the 3.5 year program
There are six main levels that are made up of individual units covering the various elements needed to become a competent analyst. The levels have varying numbers of credits depending on how involved they are. A level of 2 Credits has fewer course hours than one with 5 Credits. A student's progress is tracked in the student records department of the IHD Registry and is transferable to any other organization. For example, you could do various parts of the 3.5 year study in the UK, the US and online.

No matter how fast you go through the six levels, you can't become a Registered Analyst before 3.5 years. We feel it takes this long to reach the level of competency we require. But you can do readings and charge for them before the 3.5 years, you just won't be Registered.

The program begins after taking the Living Your Design Course which, not being an educational program, earns no credit towards a professional education.

Human Design Consulting currently offers the Rave ABC Course and Rave Cartography I...other courses will be offered soon.

This pricing information is a general estimate of how much it costs to become an analyst. Each Credit costs about $266. So for example, Level I - Rave ABC is 1.5 credits and costs $400. The full 3.5 year program is 20 Credits plus certification training, which comes to around $5500. Course materials are not included but they will cost around 10% of course fees and can be purchased from your national publisher.

Outline of Professional Human Design Analyst Certification Program:


 Rave ABC Course...Level I


The Next 'LIVE' Course Begins Soon!


The ABC Course is a required course for the Professional Education program. It is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of HD beyond the Living Your Design Course. The ABC Course is also the first step in the 3.5 year certification program. Learn More...

Credits: 1.5

Prerequisite: Human Design Reading. Recommended Course:Living Your Design Course

Register Now!: $299

General Fee is $420.00


 Rave Cartography I Course...Level II


The Next 'LIVE' Course Begins Soon!

The Rave Cartography Level I Course is a required course for our Professional Education Program. It is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Human Design beyond the Living Your Design Course and the ABC Course. The Rave Cartography Level I Course is one of the steps toward the 3.5 year certification program. Learn More...

Credits: 4.5

Prerequisite: Living Your Design Course and the ABC Course

The regular price for this course is $980.00 I am offering this course at a discounted price of$880.00 for early registration.

Register Now!: $880.00

General Fee is $980.00


 Rave Cartography II Course...Level III - Credits: 4.6

Intro: The Goal of Professional Training Level I is to develop professional level analyst skills in qualified students. In Parts One and Two of this year long course prospective analysts learn the detail level of design--gate and line—and, through monthly, digitally recorded oral homework projects, integrate the depth level into their surface level analysis skills. In Section Three students learn to Keynote.

Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorization, and develop chart-reading skills.

Prerequisite: Rave ABC’s, Rave Cartography and the recommendation of the Rave Cartography teacher.

Course Duration: A one-year process


1. Gates

2. Lines

3. Keynoting

Class Sessions per Section: Introduction: three months specifically focused on gates and six on lines, including one on the technique and analysis of fixation. The remaining three are devoted to keynoting. The bulk of the course goes to the lines.


 Rave Cartography III Course...Level IV - Credits: 4.0

Intro: The Professional Training Sequence can be seen as a pyramid with PTL I as the peak in intensity. In this course you will learn the basic keys in transit and relationship analysis. Student analysts will not qualify as Life Cycle or Partnership analysts after this course. Life Cycle, Partnership, Family Analysis, etc., are only available as separate, individual post professional education certifications.

Course strategy at this point: PTL II is an interactive workshop that delivers extensive new content and approach. In this level students back off developing the professional technique that was the focus of PTL I and go back to absorbing and integrating new information and perspective.

Prerequisite: Professional Training Level I and the permission of the Professional Training Level I teacher.

Requirements: The Rave Ephemeris Module and the Connection Module of MMI It is highly recommenced that students have the ephemeris version of MMI.

Course schedule: 8 two hour teleclass sessions.


1. The Human Design Ephemeris and the Planets

2. Transit Analysis

3. Composites: Connection Channel Mechanics

4. Composites: Connection (Partnership)



 Rave Cartography IV Course...Level V - Credits: 2.0

Incarnation Crosses in the context of the Quarter

More information soon.



 Professional Preparation...Level VI - Credits: 2.0

Student gives readings; teacher supervises.

The student delivers four professional readings for certification.

More information soon.




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