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 Advanced General Education Teleclasses


Pre-Recourded Courses Now Available!


Living Your Design and ABC students are welcome. These classes are 'General Education' classes and are not part of the ' Professional Education Track'. Human Design official Analyst Education credits will not be given for these classes. These courses are currently only available as pre-recorded classes via the web.

Pre-Recorded Courses Available:


Package #1:

1) The Planets in our Design - The meaning of each planet in our design and a discussion of how a planet "colors" a Gate and impacts our Design - 2 hours

Prerequisite: None

Register: $27/both (Planets in our Design & Return Analysis)

2) Return Analysis - How we look at Returns (Solar, Saturn, Kiron and Uranus Opposition) General Overview - 2 hours

Prerequisite: None

*These two classes are packaged together. The price is $27.00 for the pair. Register Now!


Package #2:

1) Profile Analysis - Understanding Profiles General Overview - 4 hours

Prerequisite: None

2) Incarnation Cross Analysis - Putting together the gates in a cross analysis General Overview - 2 hours 

Prerequisite: None

*These two classes need to be taken together. The price is $27.00 for the pair. Register Now!


Package #3:

1) Stringing Keynotes - Putting it all together. General Overview of a Chart Reading stringing keynotes - 2 hours

Prerequisite: None

*The price for Stringing Keynotes is $17.00. Register Now!


Register for all FIVE Advanced General Education Teleclasses for $70.00.

Register Now!



Lynda Stone

Lynda is the founder of Human Design Consulting, as well as co-founder of Inner Human Design, Inc. She is a Human Design Analyst, Teacher and Faculty Member of the Human Design Biversity. Since 1998 Lynda has been a dedicated student of Human Design. Her own 4.1 Profile has taken her to the depths of this knowledge. Lynda has become known for the amazing insights and depth she brings to her readings and teachings. She receives “rave” reviews about the clarity, simplicity and relevance of her readings and explanations of Human Design concepts.




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