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  Rave ABC Course - Level I


The Next Course Begins March 21st, 2006!


The ABC Course is a required course for the Professional Education program. It is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of HD beyond the Living Your Design Course. The ABC Course is also the first step in the 3.5 year certification program. Along with providing the necessary HD education, each student will be trained in presentation skills. By the end of the course students will better be able to present in an interesting and clear manner the A, B and C. These are:

A. The Black and the Red of Personality and Design - How the Personality and the Design work in a chart, both separately and together.

B. Circuits and circuitry - How all the channels in the bodygraph from the perspective of their circuit (Individual, Collective and Tribal) function.

C. Hexagram Structure - How the Hexagram works and its place in Human Design. Students learn how to interpret any line of a gate based on its position in the Hexagram (the Foundation line through to the Roof line).



Class 1 - The Black and the Red of Personality and Design

Class 2 - Circuits and circuitry - Integration

Class 3 - Circuits and circuitry – Individual

Class 4 - Circuits and circuitry - Collective

Class 5 - Circuits and circuitry – Tribal

Class 6 - Hexagram Structure 



Lynda Stone

Lynda is the founder of Human Design Consulting, as well as co-founder of Great Life Technologies, Inc. She is a Human Design Analyst, Teacher and Faculty Member of the Human Design Biversity and faculty member of the International Human Design School as Director of the Certified Living Your Design Guide Program. Since 1998 Lynda has been a dedicated student of Human Design. Her own 4.1 Profile has taken her to the depths of this knowledge. Lynda has become known for the amazing insights and depth she brings to her readings and teachings. She receives “rave” reviews about the clarity, simplicity and relevance of her readings and explanations of Human Design concepts.



The ABC Course is open to any student that has had a Human Design Reading. The Living Your Design Course is recommended as well. This program will be conducted via teleclass. The self study section utilized the ABC Student manual including a practice buddy groups. Classes will be archived for the convenience of students.

Course Schedule:

ABC Teleclass Course with Lynda Stone

Calls are Tuesdays 10:30 - 12:00 pm Pacific Time  


March 21, 28,

April 4, 11, 18, 25

*Prerequisite: Human Design Reading. Recommended Course: Living Your Design Course

The regular price for this course is $420.00. I am offering this course at a discounted price of $299.00 for early registration.


Register Now!: $299

General Fee is $420.00


ABC COURSE: Credit Program Foundation

The ABC Course is the start of any of the 3.5 year training programs.




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